Brutus Is A Powerful And Righteous Character Essay

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Brutus is a powerful and righteous character in the tragedy Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. He plays a massive role in the outcome of the story and his character traits influence his decisions to fight for the freedom of Rome. In the play Caesar has become too powerful within Rome. The senate feels the need to restore power to the people so that Caesar cannot declare himself a kingly ruler. Even though Brutus loves Caesar he agrees to leads the rebel senators to kill and replace Caesar but because of Mark Antony’s loyalty to Caesar he decides to avenge his death by defeating Brutus and Cassius. Brutus is honorable and noble to his last breath on the battlefield. Brutus is a man who is honest in actions, wise, and truly loyal to Rome. Brutus is a honest man whose intentions are pure and righteous. Brutus shows throughout the play he only is only interested in the best for Rome and that he will continue on his crusade to return Rome to a republic. While Brutus and the senators conspire to kill Caesar Brutus proclaims “Let 's kill him boldly, but not wrathfully; let’s carve him as a dish fit for the gods” (2.1.172-173). In this quote the author shows that Brutus is not interested in murdering Caesar in a power hungry and evil way but rather a way that will him bring honor from the gods. Brutus could have easily decided that Rome is not worth the death of his friend but he decides instead that the liberation of Rome from a tyrant is worth the death of one his best…

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