Brutus Eulogy Analysis

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I created a eulogy that I believe Cassius would deliver for Brutus at his funeral.
I made Cassius’ goal in the eulogy to redeem Brutus’ honor, while showcasing the relationship of the two. At the end of Cassius and Brutus’ fight, Cassius exclaims how he cannot have “too much of Brutus love, ” which I feel describes the tone for their friendship (4.3.162). Despite Cassius’ flaws and schemes, he holds Brutus as close as his brother, which is why I repeated “Oh! How Cassius hath lost a brother today” throughout the eulogy. Shakespeare created Brutus and Cassius as foils, highlighting Cassius’ proclivity for emotions and Brutus’s preference for reason. As revealed in the speech, “[Cassius’] emotions [would] patter on [his] door, but Brutus’/Would

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