Bruce Lee's Influence On American Culture

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Bruce Lee was a huge influence on American society through his martial arts. He was one of the first pioneers of mixed martial artist by his own developed fighting style and inspired many American fighters. By choreographing his own martial arts in his movies, he changed the perspective of Chinese culture and exposed it in America. Bruce lee overcame much diversity between his American culture and his Chinese and fought to expose his philosophy and martial arts.
Martial arts were Bruce lee’s main passion and started training Wing Chun at the age of 16. He participated in many street brawls with opposing martial art gangs in China and in America. His idea of martial arts were structured for street survival and the reality of violence. The
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American Fighters like Mike Tyson, Stephan Bonnar, Jon Jones, and Randy Couture were inspired by Lee and incorporate his philosophies into their fighting styles. According to Dana White who is the president of the popular organization Ultimate Fighting Championship stated “The Father of mixed martial arts, if you will, was Bruce Lee”. Lee’s impact changed the dynamics of cage fighting, and created versatile striking techniques. The idea of using padded gloves in mixed martial arts was already set in motion in the movie “Enter the Dragon. According to, “The legendary Bruce Lee is often credited as being the first person to popularize open finger martial arts gloves, In fact the special gloves he designed and wore on this movie gave him a look that is very similar to what we see today in modern MMA, The man was truly ahead of his time!” Today we have modified the glove, but Lee was the first to pioneer the MMA glove. It is not part of MMA regulation in America to use the standardized glove in combat fighting. American culture has always be obsessed with Bruce Lee’s legacy, today we have T-shirts, action figures, his role in fighting games, his footwork applied to other fighting styles and dance moves, and much more. It’s been 41 years since his passing and his legacy still continues through his supporters and his family. Many people saw this as a opportunity to market martial arts school since Bruce Lee delivered it in realistic fashion. According to the book “Who was Bruce Lee”, Lee was influential in the development of stage combat on film during the 1970s and the 1980’s and was famous for both choreographing and acting in martial arts action films. The movie “Green Hornet”, Lee was underestimated in his role. He was a side character, but his choreographed martial arts made him the star in the film. With his talent in the film, he developed

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