Brown V. Board Of Education Essays

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Brown v. Board of Education
Before, During, and After

Rich in history, the case Brown v. Board of Education began a change in the direction of education for students and families. This made it possible to see the promise of educating all students equally. Brown not only changed the course of education, but also served as a vessel to begin closing the social gap between races. This paper 's intent is to bring understanding of the history prior to, during, and after Brown v. Board of Education and it 's continuous positive impact on education . Our founding fathers built a foundation for society on the Declaration of Independence. The impact of the fourteenth amendment is richly observed along the road to Brown and directly addresses equality for ALL American citizens. During the years prior to Brown v. Board there were cases dealing with segregation in other areas of society. The infamous Plessy case was one of these. Plessy was arrested for sitting in an all white rail car after purchasing a ticket and being of mixed race. This case did not have a positive outcome but others did. Cases were fought in court that involved black students being denied college entrance. Many of these cases brought victories and some did not. Thurgood Marshall was a civil rights attorney. He himself had extensive history with racism and segregation. Brown v Board had a positive impact on civil rights. Brown overturned the Plessy decision and set the stage…

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