Brothers Grimm Essays

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Intro: Fairy tales are things we know to be true. We are believed that if we have a hard life to grow into, a "prince" one day will come and give us a kiss and make it all better. "bring us back to life" if you will, as we grow up we open our eyes to the possibility of landing flat on our face and throwing up a poisonous apple and dealing with life on our own before our "prince" comes to save us. Thesis: Betrayal and Jealousy may throw a pity party for the step-mother. The betrayal of a husband and insecurities in yourself will bring out the worst in you. Meaning of the poem: The poem "The Envious Heart" was written by Helane Levine Keating, was written in inspiration by the quote portraying the tale of Snow White, by the Brothers …show more content…
Sadly after her wish was granted, the Queen and newly mother passed away. Her kind married a new queen after a year of her death. The new queen who "could not tolerate anyone else who might rival her beauty". The story shows a mirror which claimed to be magical. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in this realm is the fairest of them all." which would make her so happy when the mirror replied with "You, my queen are the fairest of them all." The Brothers Grimm, Snow White's step mother grew so much hate towards her step daughter and the envy in her heart "grew so dense that she no longer had any peace, day or night", she hired a huntsman to kill her, and that huntsman who didn't want to kill, let Snow White go as she promised to never go home. That's where in the tale the seven dwarfs come in. Snow White found their home and stayed in the seventh dwarf’s bed. When they found her they were stunned by her beauty, Snow White told them about the huntsman trying to kill her and of her step mother. So the dwarfs told her to be their house lady, doing all their chores (Cooking and cleaning) the secrets of her life was kept. Until her step mother asked her "Magical mirror", if she was pretty and it replied "... beyond the mountains, where the seven dwarfs swell, Snow White is thriving, and this I must tell: Within this realm, she's still a thousand times more fair" leading the step mother to set out to kill Snow White once and for all. She disguised herself and sold a lace

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