Brother Lost Control Of The Ranger And It Rolled Essays

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His brother lost control of the ranger and it rolled. It ended up landing on his head crushing him. His brother in a desperate attempt was able to roll the ranager over off of Seth and took him back to their house. He was then life flight directly from his house to a hospital.
Since we were all so bent out off shape and all had our own rehab schedules we didn’t spend a ton of time together. I think I spent more time with Tesa because she was their longer and she was more all there.
I ended up spending most of my time by myself with my parents. Since my dad worked Monday through Thursday my mom stayed with me during the week and my dad got Friday through Sunday. We watched lots of movies and I remember always watching the 10 o 'clock news before going to sleep. Since I had missed so much school my mom and the therapists tried giving me homework from school to do. I didn’t have any problem with it other than the fact that I was tired all the time and had to catch up, so it appeared that I hadn’t lost anything cognitively. Seth on the other hand was completely opposite. He was fine physically but his accident messed him up cognitively. He had to relearn how to read and write, as well as try and recuperate everything he lost from school. Back then I was jealous of how he was better physically and I wished I could have flipped my situation around. BUt looking back now I’m glad it ended up the way it had.
As my health got better I was allowed to do more. Probably my favorite thing…

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