Case Study: Bronson Hospital

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My host organization is Bronson Hospital, with the focus on rehabilitation services, which consist of physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy departments. However, my LCS is only dealing with the physical therapy departments secondary to being a physical therapist assistant. But for the purpose of this assignment, I am focusing on Bronson Hospital as a whole.
The corporate culture metaphor is useful because it directs attention to the symbolic significance of almost every aspect of a healthcare organization. Structures, hierarchies, rules and organizational routines reveal underlying meaning that is crucial for understanding how a healthcare organization function.
In a healthcare organization, a strong corporate
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It should be inspirational and the framework for the organization’s strategic plan (Nielsen, 2016). Additionally, it should be an introduction to the mission statement, and it should say what the healthcare organization wants to see itself in the future, either in terms of society or in terms of the organization itself. In Proverbs 29: 18, it emphasizes on the importance of having a vision by saying, “When there is no vision, the people get out of control, but whoever obeys instructions is happy” (CEB). Therefore, it needs to be embraced by the healthcare organization and is something they should feel good about (Unknown, 2004). Even though, a good mission statement is focused on the future, a vision statement is usually focused on four to five years ahead and is generally more idealistic in terms of it goals. With Bronson, they do not follow these thoughts of having a vision statement. Bronson’s vision statement is “An exceptional healthcare experience for every person, every …show more content…
Values are increasingly important in strategic planning. They often drive the intent and direction for the leaders within the organization (McNamara, 2007, p. 84). Moreover, a value statement should make the employees feel proud and managers feel committed. It should give meaning to the right way to do things, value statements should give enthusiasm to the employees. A well written statement will bond people and set behavior standards of employees (Swansburg & Swansburg, 2002, p. 81). Bronson’s vision statement does follow the previous mentioned definitions by stating “An exceptional healthcare experience for every person, every time”.
Even though Bronson does not follow the trends of having a good mission, vision and value statements, they do believe in having a positive corporate culture along with using strategic planning in order to stay prepared for the future. Bronson’s slogan is ‘Bronson Positivity”. According to, Bronson describes what Bronson Positivity means, by saying
People in our community deserve the best. That 's why we are a national leader in healthcare quality. And why we are so passionate about providing each and every patient and family with the best possible care. We 're always working to achieve what matters most to you. That 's what Bronson

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