Broken Windows Policing Theory Of Policing Essays

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The Broken Windows theory of policing was a model discussed in 1982 by James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling in an article in The Atlantic (1). The thought was if a building has a broken window left unrepaired it appears to show that no-one cares. Untended property becomes fair game for people up to no good even people who would not normally do such things. Wilson and Kelling stated in their article that because of the nature of community life in the Bronx, unkempt properties and abandoned cars the “no one cares” vandalism begins much more quickly than areas where people take care of private possessions. It was believed that if residents maintained and monitored their neighborhoods small crimes would drop and possibly stop further vandalism and more serious crimes.
Vandalism can happen anywhere a neighborhood lets down its guard. Stable neighborhoods with caring families that watch out for neighbors’ children and care for their homes can change very quickly with just one piece of abandoned property. As the grass grows un-mowed and weeds get out of control it becomes obvious that no one cares and that invites crime. That problem has reared its ugly head with the bust of the housing boom a few years ago. Many neighborhoods had homeowners that just walked away from their homes, leaving them completely unattended and crime has jumped significantly in some of those neighborhoods. Many of those homes have been broken in to by local kids…

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