Broken Police Essay

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Theoretical Standpoint behind why Police Engage in Misconduct Mainly against Black Males

Police use of deadly force against black males is more prevalent in low-income black communities. There are several theories that support the reason behind why police chose to use deadly/physical excessive force. According to Wilson and Kelling’s (1982) “Broken Windows Theory” argument, it states that little offenses lead to big problems if communities aren’t concerned about the disorder and minor offenses. In addition, the sociology of risk and mistake which is (rooted in organizational sociology) it is the sub-discipline that analyzes the structure and operation of formal organizations, such as police departments it reveals that police organizations
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Sociologist Charles Perrow developed the Normal Accident Theory (NAT) in the early 1980’s. The Normal Accident Theory asks the question “why bad things happen in high-tech systems” using a nuclear power plan for example (1) complexity of systems and the extent to which their elements are coupled, or tied together, (2) as the number of elements in a system grows and interactions among the elements increase, the system becomes more complex and (3) the more complex the line system, the more things can go wrong and the less likely humans are to immediately understand what is happening which makes it difficult to respond immediately. Policing is not an easy profession; the complexity of the role of a police officer is believed to be a reason why police engage in deviant acts. In particular, African American communities have a long-standing tense relationship with the police and some …show more content…
According to the Christopher Commission’s (1991) article on police crimes, it stated that white police officers were somewhat more likely to use excessive force against African Americans and watch dog groups like the American Civil Liberties Unions (ACLU, 2016). Kwon (2012) stated in his “Theoretical Understanding of Police Brutality’ paper why there are only a “few bad apples”, and the reasons behind why excessive force is used toward certain citizens using the following theories: (1) Social Conflict Theory, (2) Symbolic Interactionism, and (3) Control Balance Theory using Charles Tittle’s ‘Theory of Deviance’ (1995) he explains the Macro-level and Micro-level preconditions of the act of police brutality calling police “social control agents” he asks the question why some law enforcement officers engage in abusive behaviors calling minorities “the weak in society” and those who are more prone to victimization. In addition, Tittle’s asks “how do micro-and-macro level factors come to influence their individual-level behaviors?” He explains that in order to contribute to the existing body of theoretical research on the topic of police brutality, you must establish an alternative theoretical framework. The main role of police officers is to: maintain the status quo of inequality (Homes et al. 2008;

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