Broken Monsters Character Analysis

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In the novel of broken monsters we see a series of characters portraying different kinds of artistry in hopes of captivating an audience. Our Author Lauren Beukes a South African writer, does a fantastic job describing each individual character and how they desire to captivate an audience. Beukes has a fascinating manner in which she delivers her divers themes of supernatural mystery, thematic creepiness and distinctive characterization throughout the text. When incorporating these three essential themes she produces an infectious story which we her audience will all be drawn to. Just like Beukes main characters and there multiple attempts to captivate their own audience in which most thrive in doing so.
One primary example in reference to the theme of seeking an audience is our protagonist Clayton Broom. Clayton is a mysteriously demented character with all the wrong intentions when it comes to personifying his artistry which consist of human body parts combined with wild animals like deer’s and birds. Clayton creates a horrifying taxidermy abomination to the public eye, but he perceives it as a masterpiece beautiful and mystical that everyone must witness.
This is Clayton’s version of art which he tries to bestow on other individuals like Jonno Haim for
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“Gabi has no way of knowing that she 's dealing with something more than human, and the case consumes her, even as it alienates her from her conflicted teenage daughter, Layla. Meanwhile, Jonno Haim is looking for the next big story, and the Detroit Monster may be his ticket to the spotlight.” This quote is revealing to us how the two characters Jonno and Layla will be utilized throughout the paper to help describe what each character is trying to display throughout the

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