Broken Family Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… As such he has the obligation to support his family financially. As head of the family he has to establish outside contacts to enhance family economy and ally himself with powerful and influential individual either within or outside the kinship group. He provides leadership in determining the goals and aspirations of his family. His activities are thus more concentrated on factors outside the home.

WIFE has not deviated much from the traditional role of homemaking, rearing children, and managing the household. Whatever success the children may achieve is attributed to her; her association with the children is closer than of the husband.
The strength and influence of the mother’s management of the home lies in her control of the finances. The husband is expected to turn over his paycheck to his wife who, in turn, gives him a personal allowance. The wife thus has feeling of emotional security; knowing her husband has limited money, he is therefore less likely to be attractive to other
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Found that girls in divorced families committed more delinquent acts (for example, drug use, larceny, and skipping school) than their counterparts in intact families.

C) Involvement with Drugs

Drug use is also higher among those who come from broken homes.

Growing Up Without Parents
As children enter adolescence, they experience a “psychological revolution”, and at the same time, they must answer the question “who am I?”. They try on many roles as they grope with romantic involvement, vocational choice, and adult statuses. In the process, teenagers must develop an integrated and coherent sense on self. When the adolescent fails to develop a “centered” identity, he or she becomes trapped in either role confusion or a “negative identity.

Teenager's are at such crucial age, the role of parents are important and needed by their children to develop a better personality and attitude towards their self and other people around them. Parents are expected to maintain an open communication with their children to give them the opportunity to ask questions about their own
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Family situation have a great impact to the child’s development. This case study reveals the effects of having broken family to the child behavior and coping mechanisms outside the school. Through observation and interviews, some pupils of Bontoc are noticed of having problems during and after classes. These pupils’ acts strange, the teacher are having difficulties in dealing with them. Parents should stay beside their child to guide them in or out of the house. They should give more and more attention to their children. If there is no parents that can guide them, they give their attention to their peers that can influence their lives, because they think that their friends can understand them more than their guardian. Having broken family these pupils are not very well taking care of. Many of them are prone to vices even though they are still young. And worst they don’t give efforts for their school performance.

This case study also helps, by giving some information to those people that are involve with broken family, to know how to deal with these pupils behavior. It gives information on how to deal with this unpredictable behavior of the

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