Broken Brotherhood Subtitled Vietnam And The Boys From Colgate

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“It was a war long ago that was shut out, that we hadn’t finshed heling, that we just wanted to pretend didn’t exsite and then all of the sudden it was right here before us. It was… unspeakable to read about the casualties that were a part of our Colgate family and quite frankly I was ashmed that we hadn’t done something for them. They curtenly need to be recomized and mamorlized on this campus.” Said Patty Caprio, director, development progams. Broken Brotherhood subtitled Vietnam and The Boys from Colgate tells the story of a group of young men as they reflect on how the Vietnam War and its repercussions affected their experience at Colgate college. Robert Aberlin, class of 1966, tells us how during one reunion, he sat in the chapel and realized that there was no memoral for the soliders who fought during the Vietnam War. He then found around 20 students that at perished due to the War and created a plack for them. A morial survies was held for the soliders from Colgate that had lost their lives as a reslote of the Vietnam War. Lou Buttino and _______ then tell the stories of what happened to the students of Colgate college during the Vietnam War. The story is an introspective tale that challenges the boys, now grown, to look back at a monumental time in their life. Many of the men had unkindled relationships and thoughts that they had not acknowledged since the Vietnam War occurred.
One of the moments I loved the most from this film was the opening. The song mixed with…

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