Essay on Broken Bootstraps : Falling Behind On Full Time Work

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Broken Bootstraps: Falling Behind on full time work

This article is a reflection and study on the decreasing supply of full time work for the American worker. The article was produced by an organization called Alliance for a Just society. At the time of the publication of the article, the executive director was LeeAnn Hall. This group is comprised of subsidiary groups from states all across the Nation. In the two states that I will be reflecting on, the organizations are the Idaho Community Action Network, and the Montana organizing project. They are both community organizing based groups focusing on economic equality, racial equality and gender equality. This particular article was released in February of 2013 using primarily Job seeker data provided by Matt Broaddus of Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. However, several other studies and findings were used. The article is an attempt to dispel the myth that it is possible to find economic prosperity in this country by simply “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” or in other words by using your own volition. This particular myth is quite pervasive in our society. It is attached to the oft-proclaimed “American Dream” as a unique quality of America. Political candidates from all ideological backgrounds turn their personal stories of perseverance into sound bytes and allow that story to become the product they sell to voters. To work at deconstructing this myth, the article looks at job data and household income…

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