Broken August By Ismail Kadare Essay

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Often, where somebody lives shapes who they are and how they act, like New Mexicans enjoying spicy food or Canadians liking the cold. This is true in the novel Broken April by Ismail Kadare, in which Gjorg Berisha, who was born and raised in the Northern Albanian Rrafsh is extremely different from Diana and Bessian Vorpsi, who are from the city and are just honeymooning in the Plateau. This is because Ismail Kadare uses setting to develop characterization. The coldness and harshness of the Rrafsh are reflected in its people, as is its supernatural quality. Similarly, the softness of Diana and Bessian’s carriage is reflected in their character. The Northern Albanian Plateau is known for being cold and harsh, as are the people who live there. In the opening pages of the novel, set halfway through March, there are still “patches of snow” (Kadare 8) on the ground. Several references to the cold are made in the first pages alone, which stresses the importance of the fact that the Plateau is cold and harsh. The first thing that Gjorg, the protagonist of the novel, does is kill Zef Kryeyqe, although “his head seemed to resist him” (8). Just as the landscape is demonstrated to be literally cold, Gjorg is characterized as metaphorically cold in the first several pages of the novel. His actions are mechanical, and he shows little emotion that he has just killed someone. Since this is the opening scene in the novel, this characterization is the reader’s first impression of…

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