Broadway House : The Hiv / Aids Essay

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In New Jersey, there are countless affected by the HIV/AID virus. Broadway House located at 298 Broadway, Newark, NJ 07104 “is the only specialized care facility focuses for people living with HIV/AIDS” (BWH). Since 1995, Proponents of Broadway house believe in providing patients with outstanding healthcare services. Broadway House offers patient’s medical services, social services, behavioral health services, and quality of life programs. Through the use of all of these services, they offer help in psychological, physical, and emotional needs of the individuals residing at Broadway House. During my visit on October 10th, I was aware that residents in Broadway House are referred by local hospitals such as University Hospital, Saint Michaels, Saint Barnabas, and Beth Israel. The residents are referred to this facility because they were healthy enough to be discharged, but too sick to go home. The range of the residents is between 22-65 with the occasional teen. However, once patients enter the agency they begin sub-acute rehabilitation, which consists of 3 units of HIV treatment. Nevertheless, before patients are situated in this facility they must be approved by the “Special Care Unit by the Medicaid Pre-Admission (PAS) System” (BWH). Broadway House accepts insurance reimbursement, such as Medicare, Medicaid, insurance and social security. And offers monthly payment plans if a person does not meet the income criteria. However, in spite of Broadway House’s…

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