Broadway House For Continuing Care Essay

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Broadway house for continuing care is located on 298 Broadway, Newark, NJ 07104 and it focuses on the continuing care of people living with HIV/AIDS. The mission of the program is to provide patients with healthcare services since 1995. The staff of Broadway house provide the patients with medical and nursing services, social services, behavioral health services, and quality of life programs. Through the use of all of these services they provide help in psychological, physical, and emotional needs of the individuals residing in Broadway house. The hours of operation are 24/7, in order for families to be able to see their loved ones. Broadway house services patients diagnosed with HIV & AIDS for over twenty-one years. The residents that are in Broadway house are referred by local hospitals such as: University Hospital, Saint Michaels, Saint Barnabas, and Beth Israel. Throughout my visit, I learned that the patients that reside in this facility were healthy enough to leave the hospital but not healthy enough to go home, which is one of the reason they are referred. However, before the people become situated in the agency they must see if they are eligible and must be approved by the “Special Care Unit by the Medicaid Pre-Admission (PAS) System” (BWH). Specific requirements that must be met are incomes based, however, they accept insurance reimbursement such as Medicare, Medicaid, insurance and social security. Nonetheless, even if a patient is referred to them by a…

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