Essay on Broadway Cafe

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Using information technology to grow a small business as applied to The Broadway Café
Kristy Dobbins
Strayer University
Instructor: Amir Afzal D. SC
CIS 500
Business Driven Information Systems
Fall 2010


I recently inherited my grandfather’s coffee shop, The Broadway Café located in the heart of Harmony, NC. Since 1952 this shop has been the local hotspot for both locals and visitors. My grandfather has run this shop for years without modernized technology and has been successful in his management. Currently the café is struggling to compete with the current updated businesses of the 21st century. This paper will show how I use modernize information technology to update the business operations while maintaining the
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I feel this will help aide in my decision making for the future of this café. This model includes the following buyer power, supplier power, threat of substitute products or services, threat of new entrants, and rivalry among existing competitors (Baltzan & Phillips, CIS 500 Business Driven Information Systems, 2009). The Broadway Café is the only shop of its kind in Harmony which is an advantage with buyer power. A disadvantage for the café is many residents commute to the next city over for work which house tons of specialized shops as the café. My goal is to keep my customers happy and returning with the same loyalty my grandfather provided to them. One way would be to introduce a breakfast club. Customers will be given a breakfast club card which entitles them to a free breakfast sandwich with a purchase of a specialized coffee or tea. Supplier power is another thing I will need to keep in mind. With this café being a family owned business many of its specialized items are freshly made in the café allowing the option to become a possible supplier for a slightly larger business. If the right e-business is put into place the café can benefit with a raise in profits. Both threat of substitute products or products and new entrants is a low concern for the café at this time. Currently The Broadway Café is the only shop of its kind

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