British Literature of the 20th Century Essay

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Introduction 3
At the Turn of the Century 4
The 20th Century Literary Background 5
Modernism 6
Poets of the First World War 11
The Interwar Years 13
British Postwar Literature 19
Conclusion 27
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The 20th century seems to be the most dramatic and unique: it witnessed two world wars and great social, economic and political changes. All this events could not but find their reflection in the arts in general and in the literature in particular. The urgency of the work is determined by the complexity of the period considered and variety of forms and trends which appeared during the century.
The object of the project is British literature.
The aim of the project is to consider the
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She was succeeded by her son Edward VII (1901-1910) and this period in the history of the country marked the beginning of the Edwardian Period, period of peace and prosperity. The Edwardians preserved much of their heritage from Victorian time; it included the consequences of the great spiritual and intellectual discoveries of the previous period, and capitalized the material gains. English society was as firmly as ever. English wealth remained in a few hands, despite a growing suspicion that it was unfairly gained at the expense of the industrial workers. The British empire was firm, well serviced, showing some respect for the rights. [7, p.3]. The position of women, their lack of freedom and lack of votes, became an urgent question. By the outbreak of the First World War Britain was an advanced industrial country thanks, above all, to urbanization, economic growth, an increase in population and the expansion in the transport network. However, this period was not too last for long, as Edward died soon, in1910 and his successor George V (1910-1936) witnessed the outbreak of the First World War which lasted from 1914 to 1918 and which cost Britain a great deal.
Then consequently came the 1920s, a period of general depression, both social and economical which resulted in the 1929 Wall Street Crash in

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