British India And African India Essay

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A puzzling argument in the post-colonial period is that the European colonial enterprise was an outrage to the dignity of post-colonial nation-states when in fact, these nation-states did not even exist prior to the end of colonialism. The people of the colonies did not necessarily see European rule in the same light as it is seen today. I will argue that Western education positively helped the eventual independence of colonies because it taught natives the European assumptions of freedom and equality, thus providing the framework to become an independent state. I will specifically compare and contrast British approaches to education to British India and Africa. British India provided an apropos example of how education can successfully benefit both colonizer and colony. The colonies in which Britain invested more education proved to have a more politically and economically stable transition into post-colonial independence. One can see this in the different approaches between colonial Africa and British India. Initial aims of educating native peoples in Africa came from missionaries seeking to “civilize backwards peoples.” In the scramble for Africa, the threat of Islam in northern Africa caused a search for a “cultural shield that indigenous religions alone could not easily provide” (Young 1994, 280-281). Therefore, education and Christianity became a means by which European supremacy in thought and culture was imposed as a buffer and defense in African colonial state.…

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