The Role Of Democracy In The United States

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The United States is fundamentally run under the idea of human rights. The government of the United States is set up through a democratic system where the majority of the power held within the country lies in the votes and voices of the public. This idea of democracy was not always the bread and butter of United States government, but has been an improvement and adjustment of the beliefs of the people. Many british influences agree that the United States government is a reflection of the British Government. Before the signing of the United States Constitution, the American war of independence, and this whole idea of Democracy were put into effect, the United States were essentially made up of 13 colonies under the Control of the British. Many …show more content…
There had been a tremendous amount of philosophies made by Philosophers in this time, Philosophers are people who seek wisdom and knowledge about the surrounding world, and philosophies are the ideas these people studied and practiced so diligently. At this time there had been many advances in technology, science, thinking/philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, etc., as a result this era was named the ¨Enlightenment or time of illumination.¨ During this era writers, scholars, artists, and scientists, used reason or rational thought to rid the world of superstition and ignorance, mainly because reason was glorified and widely used. Near the end of the renaissance philosophers by the names of Francis Bacon and René Descartes published books that inspired generations of scientists and scholars, they would forever be known as the fathers of the Enlightenment. The ideas provided by Descartes and Bacon led to the innovation of the scientific method, they and many others were known as natural philosophers. While some philosophers studied these subjects others like John Locke 1632-1704 focused on the mind, political subjects, and various abstract concepts. New ideas like human rights began to take form and Locke believed that the power of a government to rule comes from the consent of the governed, which means people should be able to choose who governs them. He also believed every person is born with three basic natural rights: life, liberty, and the ownership of property. It was the job of government to protect these fundamental rights, however if a government failed to provide these basics human rights to the governed, they deserved to be overthrown. So there is no doubt that he was a huge supporter in the Glorious Revolution of 1688. French philosopher Voltaire believed in the idea of freedom of speech, this can be interpreted

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