Essay about British Colonialism : An Amazing Place

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Barbados is an amazing place. British colonialism left The country to fight for it 's rights and freedom. ADD INTRODUCTION HERE: Discuss what attracted you to the country. Or what is significant about their quest for independence. Although the British were responsible for many of the evils that happened on the country of Barbados, it did lead to the great island we have today.
Before the British arrived and put many slaves on the island, there were already people living in Barbados. The first indigenous people were American Indians who arrived here from Venezuela. Paddling long dugout canoes they crossed oceans and currents that even challenge modern sailing vessels. On the north end of Venezuela a narrow sea channel called the Dragon 's mouth acts as a funnel to the Caribbean sea and the nearest Island of Trinidad (“About Barbados”). The amount of resolve it must have taken to sail through all the hardships that the sea is almost unimaginable. These natives were small in number during Britain 's arrival and many were lost due to their arrival. However descendants of the native people can still be found today. The transition of the natives to the British way of life must have been very rough, but i 'm sure their descendants appreciate them. They must be very proud of their ancestors for all they did to get the where they are today. Artifacts show that the first settlements were made in 1623 B.C (“About Barbados”). This is about four years before the arrival of the British.…

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