Why Was The British Imperialization Of India

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The British in India
One of the major reasons for most of the European nations to sail ACROoceans was to be able to find new sea routes to Asia, in specifically India. Adventure into the Asian region was by then an inevitable affair and the European nations had to find a sea route as the land routes had been taken over by the Ottoman empire. Alongside with this reason was the need for the European countries to fully reinstate the idea of western supremacy over the world hence they needed to travel all over they're in their role as to civilize and to subjugate other people.
The Europeans who “discovered” India had this factors very well in their minds. Among the European powers, the British were the most successful in colonializing India and
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Investment in this surplus goods and production resulting from the industrial revolution had to find a market and the as such industries and market were established in India. The Industrial revolution was marked by a period where massive production of finished products in the country. The period saw a rise in a class of British who were interested in making sales more from the manufacturing of products rather than engaging in its trading. As such, a continuous flow of raw materials had to be secured and countries such as India found itself in the receiving end. This impacted negatively on some key industries in the economy as stated …show more content…
The Indian society was marked by incidences of female infanticide, sati, polygamy and child marriage. The colonialist introduced new concepts in the country that was aimed at improving the way iinwhich the women were treated. This facilitated the improvement in the way that the women were being treated. For instance, legal actions were introduced in the country to ensure that the condition of women in the society was improved. Sati was banned in the country in 1829, in 1856, a law that ensured that the winndows were able to remarry was passed and in 1929, a Sharda act was put in

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