Essay about Britain 's Exit From The European Union

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INSERT TITLE HERE As the thirty million British voters marked their ballots on Thursday, June 23, 2016, little did they know that their votes would leave an indelible impression upon British history while plighting economists with its paradoxical nature. Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU), otherwise referred to as Brexit, concluded a forty-three year relationship while also highlighting the country’s disdain towards many of the European Union’s policies. Currently, the country is rebounding from the economic shock brought about by the decision. However, it is the enigmatic nature of said shock that creates leaves future projections awry in comparison to the current economic climate of the country as well as from a theoretical perspective. All in all, this British referendum has moreso attested to the greater complexities of economic analysis in the current global climate than simply serving as the placeholder of a drastic decision. Despite Britain’s long standing with the European Union prior to the referendum, the two have had clashed over a myriad of topics. From the sale of beef to the Lisbon Treaty, an agreement to increase Brussel’s power, Britain faced a tumultuous relationship with the European Union until Prime Minister David Cameron’s election. Cameron was the country’s first prime minister to veto a European Union treaty and openly declared his intent to settle the country’s issues with the union. All the while, British voters were demonstrating their…

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