Britain and American Influence on Australian Pop Culture in the 1950s

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The Influence of American and British Popular Culture on Australia in the 1950s
In the 1950s America and Britain influenced Australia’s popular culture in a number of ways. Although Australia’s national identity is evident in every part of popular culture, America and Britain both had a significant impact on the development of Australian culture since World War Two. Throughout out the decade they changed the way people thought about Australian fashion, music and entertainment. Fashion was based around celebrity images and American cinema and television became a big hit.
In the 1950s, the fashion industry was based mostly around teenagers and young adults. Before this time, adolescents were expected to follow in their parents’
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This new exciting American style of music “fused black American rhythm and blues music with the white-dominated country and western genre.” ('s-social-and-cultural-history-in-the-post-war-period/social-and-cultural-features-of-the-1950s/music-and-entertainment) Rock and roll music is what started the 1950s dancing craze. The appealing and popular music encouraged people to meet in dance halls and perform well-known dances such as the ‘boogie-woogie’.
Music was one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the 1950s, and it influenced almost all aspects of popular culture at the time. The rock and roll style genre impacted largely on people of all ages in Australia. Music also helped make dancing popular, which became another popular form of entertainment in the 1950s. Comic Books were also very popular in the 1950s. Hero characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America and Batman were introduced and immediately became extremely popular and influential among children, teenagers and young adults. The early 1950s are considered to be the Golden Age of Comic Books and in this time the comic books began to be considered a type of modern art form. (

Another popular pastime in the 1950s was the beach. What is known as the ‘beach craze’ introduced many teenagers to a life of swimming,

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