Brinkman Essay

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Team Chester
Professor Zhang
Business Policy
June 27th, 2014
Brinkman Essay
Before attempting the Capsim simulator, we developed a group of five students. One of them being a finance major, the other a marketing major, and the remaining three being business management majors. The diversification within the group made it easy to divide the workload evenly into categories each student can relate to. In addition to different majors, each of the individuals have different personalities, which brings a plethora of excellent ideas to the table. We each are looking forward to absorbing new information while also introducing new ideas to the class.
To start with, Brian Brady was designated to be in charge of the Research and Development
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If the products sit it inventory, it takes away from our organization’s profits. Justin is best described as The Know It All. Feeling very comfortable with Capsim, we usually use his computer as he leads and instructs us step by step. Considering most of his ideas are fairly accurate, the group disputes are pretty rare. When disputes do occur, Justin is very open minded and always considers other’s opinions.
Rhett Franklin is the group leader, the warehouse manager, and is in charge of making sure all departments are running smoothly. We realize that in business, everything doesn't always work out as planned. When dilemma's hit, he will work hand in hand with the department heads to reduce such things. He works hard on removing workplace issues and distractions in order for the business to run more efficiently. Rhett is best considered as The Maybe Person. He admits to agreeing with most people’s ideas and also putting stuff off to get done later. He plans to improve on that and help push the group to get all things done in a timely manner.
We understand that with group work, some problems can occur. Luckily, our group is very close and these problems are minimal. The thing we focus most on is communication. As all of us have full time schedules this is a key feature as we work on communication and keeping everyone in the loop. Most of our communication is done via

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