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Bring Back Flogging Every civilized society makes laws that protect its values, and society expects from every single person to obey to these laws. Whenever a person from this society breaks one of those laws, the rulers of the society punish him or her either by putting the person behind bars, whipping him or her, or exiling the person. A great debate has been raging since human society started. Some say that depriving a wrongdoer from his or her freedom is the best way to deter him or her

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He uses this statistic "Fifty-eight percent of all murders do not result in a prison term" to make his reader aware of the flaw of the U.S. criminal justice systems. Jacoby uses quotation from authorities’ testimonies. He quotes John Dilulio, a noted Princeton criminologist: "About three of every four convicted criminals…are on the streets without meaningful probation or parole supervision." Also Jacoby quotes Harry Blackmun, the former Supreme Court Justice, "The horrors experienced by many young inmates, particularly those who ... are convicted of nonviolent offenses." The author uses these two responsible sources to give credence to his article "Bring Back Flogging" and to point out that the pain of corporal punishment is less than the one some prisoners undergo.
Jacoby keeps his readers' attention focused on the issue rather than definitions and details. Whenever the author comes with a fact or statistic, he does not use too many details to prove it because he does not want his audience to get lost among those details and forget about the issue itself. For examples, when the author wants to show to his readers how much an inmate costs to his society per year, he reports "a common estimate is $ 30000 per inmate per year" the reader here was informed about the economical cost of a prisoner without any more details. The same thing happened when the author points out to the fact that "Many states have gone on
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