Briefing paper on rural housing

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Briefing paper on Rural Housing
Britain has experienced a series of affordable housing crisis in the early 1980s and early 1990s (Bramley, 1994). As Andrew Stonell (2010) stated “Localism works-all over the country there are villages very keen to have low-cost housing for local people and they are prevented by the planning system from having it.” This briefing paper refutes Stonell’s claim and is written to the North Eastern Farming and Rural Advisory Network, which is one of new Rural and Farming Networks. The purpose of this paper is indicating the scale and causes of the rural housing crisis, and demonstrating how the planning system enable the process of affordable rural housing, then
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In order to underpin the delivery of Community Led Affordable Housing, some criteria were set out in the Local Development Framework, supported by local communities. One piece of criteria is good design, affordable rural housing must be designed to fit local context (Taylor, 2008). Village design statements implemented by the local community are adopted by local councils as Supplementary Planning Guidance to fit into the local landscape. One exemplify of good design enabling housing delivery is Kettlewell. In 2000, four affordable houses were built in Kettlewell, a sensitive site in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. They were constructed by special materials using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques. The match to landscape and appropriate prices attracted local residents. Home Housing Group owns these five affordable houses. The whole cost were about £380,000 and local Kettle residents have priority of these homes (Countryside Agency, 2003).
The local government in Lake District has realized, the affordable housing shortage is a national problem, and the demand of housing is much more serious in the Lake District National Park. To find out the needs of local residents and viable land to develop, a survey called Windermere Housing Needs were conducted on parishes. And consulting work to housing control staffs were carried out. In accordance with PPS3 (2011), local government formulated strict Core Strategy and

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