Brief Summary Of Homer's The Odyssey

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“The Odyssey” In Homer’s novel titled “The Odyssey,” which consisted of 24 “books” or short poems, the story of Odysseus is told. The story picks up shortly after the end of the battle of Troy. It is told in a very interesting way, as it is not told in chronological order. Homer jumps right into the middle of the action and fills in the beginning after introducing the characters and hooking the audience. So many of the stories and creatures from Greek mythology that I have heard of or studied are from this book, and it was enjoyable to read about all of them as one story. “The Odyssey” starts when Odysseus is being imprisoned by Calypso, but the story follows Odysseus’s son Telemachus at first. Telemachus is frustrated that in his father’s …show more content…
Athena speaks to Odysseus next and tells him that he needs to kill the suitors and reclaim his wife, Penelope. Athena provides him with a place to hide and a disguise so nobody will find out who he is until the right time. Odysseus travels to Eumaeus’s hut, where Athena told him to take shelter, and meets Eumaeus there. Athena finds Telemachus in Sparta and tells him that he needs to get back to Ithaca to drive the suitors out of his house, and to wait in Eumaeus’s hut before making a move. As Telemachus is on his way back, Odysseus speaks with Eumaeus, and they share stories with each other. Once Telemachus reaches the hut, Eumaeus goes to the palace to inform Penelope of his arrival. Athena then removed Odysseus’s disguise and he embraced his son; the two then start planning on how to defeat all of the suitors. As the suitors hear of Telemachus’s arrival, they also start plotting against him, but they have not yet figured out that Odysseus has returned as well. Telemachus goes to the palace to greet Penelope and tell her about his trip to Pylos and Sparta, but does not mention his recent encounter with his father; Odysseus follows him to the palace with Eumaeus and is abused by the suitors on the way there, as they did not know of his true identity. Penelope asks to meet with him to see what he knew of Odysseus. Before they met, Odysseus gets into a fight with a beggar who insulted him, and he easily defeats him. One of the suitors congratulates him, and out of pity Odysseus warns him that Odysseus would return soon, and suggests that he leave. The suitor decides not to leave, however. Odysseus nearly gets into a fight with a different suitor a while later, and is settled down by Telemachus. That night, Odysseus and Telemachus remove all of the weapons from the palace so the suitors cannot fight back when they decide to attack. Penelope then meets with

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