How Did Beowulf Change

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Hrothgar’s kingdom had been thriving in battle and his army was very fierce but all of that was changed when Grendel came along. Grendel burst through the mead hall’s doors and kill many of Hrothgar’s men every night and put his kingdom in constant fear of Grendel. Many had tried to stop him but nobody could even leave a scratch on Grendel. Soon, a young Geatish warrior named Beowulf hears about this monster terrorizing this kingdom and decides to go help. Beowulf travels to this Danish kingdom with fourteen of his best men with intent to defeat Grendel. Upon arrival everyone is ecstatic about Beowulf’s cause for being there and Hrothgar shows Beowulf the way to the mead hall where Grendel will come to fight him. Beowulf says that he will fight the beast without any weapons or …show more content…
The kingdom lives prosperously for the next fifty years under Beowulf’s rule. Until one day a thief finds a treasure under the earth, which is protected by a fierce dragon and takes a goblet from this treasure. The dragon wakes up furious that the goblet is gone and goes on a rampage. He soon burns down Beowulf’s throne room which leads Beowulf to go fight this dragon. He takes eleven men to go fight this dragon and says that he will only fight the dragon on flat, open land. He then commissions a blacksmith to make him a an iron shield to withstand the flames of the dragon. The dragon arises from under the earth. Beowulf decides to begin the fight alone against the dragon. During their fight, Beowulf tries to strike the dragon’s neck his sword shatters. Then the dragon then bites Beowulf and poisons him at this point all of his men decide to run away except for one man, Wiglaf, who comes to the aid of Beowulf and stabs the dragon in the belly and then gets his hand scorched. In desperation Beowulf pulls a dagger out of his belt and stabs the dragon in the neck and kills it. Soon after the dragon’s venomous bite kills

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