Brief Overview of Business Intelligence and How Walmart Uses It

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Brief Overview of Business Intelligence and How Walmart Uses It Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world and handles more than one million customer transactions every hour and generates more than 2.5 petabytes of data storage (Venkatraman & Brooks, 2012). To put this into perspective, this data is equivalent to 167 times the number of books in America’s Library of Congress (Venkatraman & Brooks, 2012). So how can Wal-Mart use this massive amount of data and what useful information can this data provide? This paper will provide a brief overview of the importance of Business Intelligence (BI) and how the largest retailer in world, Walmart, is using it. BI platforms help management to truly understand its customer base …show more content…
The consolidation and integration of big data and BI tools has become a part of Walmart’s DNA(Rijmenam, 2013). BI is now integrated into every vertical within Walmart, so once on the team, new staff members with these responsibilities participate in the Analytics Rotation Program (Marr, 2015). During the program, staff members spend a period of time within every department to glean a broad understanding of how analytics is used across the company (Marr, 2015). By combining outside help and creating its own software, Walmart is pushing BI to new limits every year. As long as Walmart continues to hire qualified personnel, they will likely remain the largest retailer.


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