Essay Brief History Of Taco Bell Company

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Brief History of Taco Bell
In 1962, Glen Bell released his first Taco Bell restaurant in Downey, California and he focused on apprentices, voyaging business people and the soldierly. The menu comprised predominantly of tacos and burritos in addition to refreshments. After two years, the first Taco Bell establishment was sold. By 1978 Taco Bell had 868 restaurants which had some expertise in offering tacos, burritos and a couple of other nourishment things. In 1978 Pepsico procured Taco Bell in arrangement esteem at $148 million. By 1980 Taco Bell had 1333 outlets and was quickly stretching. In 1997 Taco Bell was spun off from Pepsico and is presently division of Yum!brands, Inc, which likewise possesses KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John Silver 's and A&w. (
According to US-based Quick Service Restaurant brand Yum! Restaurants launched its first Taco Bell Restaurant in India in 2010 which propelled the Mexican strength chain with the first restaurant in Bangalore and announced to open up to 100 outlets by 2015, which is in their pipeline. Yum! Restaurants, which work for example brands like Pizza Hut and KFC, are willing to tap the youth population buyer demography with Taco Bell 's Mexican cuisine provision as a feature of push to expand foot shaped impressions in the evaluated USD one billion dollar Indian Quick Service Restaurant sector. Question 1
Identify the key criteria required to succeed in the QSR…

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