Essay Brief Description Of The Client

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Brief Description of the Client:

Ms. Kaysen is an eighteen-year-old Caucasian female who is voluntarily admitted to Claymoore Psychiatric Hospital. Prior to her admission, Ms. Kaysen lived at home with her mother and father Mr. and Mrs. Kaysen. Ms. Kaysen recently received her high school diploma, from McLean High School.

Ms. Kaysen is interested in writing and has expressed a desire to become a professional writer. She performed above average on a test of cognitive ability. She demonstrates care in appearance and compassion for her peers at Claymoore. She also displays a compassion for animals.

Problem Statement:
Ms. Kaysen was referred for evaluation and treatment to decrease her suicide attempts, suicidal ideations, and impulsive sexual behavior. After her high school graduation, the client overdosed on a combination of salicylate and alcohol. Ms. Kaysen expresses that it was an unintentional overdose from a headache. Ms. Kaysen frequently expresses suicidal ideation to her partner, taxi driver, and orderly. These include statements such as “everyone thinks about it [suicide] at some point. Once in your head, you become obsessed with it.” Ms. Kaysen’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kaysen report that she engages in frequent unprotected sexual activities with multiple partners.

Primary Diagnosis: DSM-V

296.33 (F33.2) Major Depressive Disorder; with mood-congruent psychotic features; recurrent episodes severe

Criteria: Five (or more) of the following…

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