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Brief description of family
The Timbes/ Lambert family is a blended family. Both Derek and Terrianna were married once before and have children from their previous marriages. Derek has three children and Terrianna has four children. Currently, all seven children live with Derek and Terrianna in a three-bedroom house. Derek’s previous wife has not had much to do with her three children since the divorce. About one year ago, she remarried and moved with her husband to Knoxville, TN, which is five hours away. Terrianna’s previous husband lives five minutes away and gets his four kids almost every weekend. He also pays some child support when he is employed, as he changes jobs frequently. Terrianna recently graduated from cosmetology school and is waiting to take state exam before working as a cosmetologist. She has not worked for over a year but recently started working part-time at a boutique. Derek works at a body shop and is happy in his current position there. Derek’s mother is a teacher where the children attend school. Lukas and Eliot ride to and from school with her daily and spend a few nights every week with her. Evan drives Emma to high school daily and the other children ride to the bus to and from school. Terrianna’s mother watches Ella at no cost when Terrianna works. The home environment is very structured. The children are to come in from school, complete homework assignments, complete chores, bathe, and put on pajamas while Terrianna prepares dinner. They eat at

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