Essay Brief Analysis Of The Poem ' Water Of The Sun '

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Tap Tap Bzzz Wrrr Knock Tap Tap Tap ...
Just outside her thatched cottage, Sunburst flitted through the air -- hammering here, sawing there, and making a general ruckus as she worked her repair.
"Hey Sands!" Sunburst waved, hammer in hoof and grin on face, as her friend trudged into view through the snow. "Beautiful aurora today, huh?"
Sand glanced up at the shimmering cyan streak that cleaved the sky into its dusky and dawnlike halves. "Looks ... the same way it always does."
"And it 's always as beautiful as ever!" said Sunburst as she returned to her manic work.
Creak Tap Wffff Crak Whump Knock ...
Sunburst often claimed that her special talent was "everything under the sun." And that was not necessarily a lie: given that the sun -- both in the sky and on Sunburst 's flank -- rested at the horizon, her statement could be interpreted in a number of ways. It was thus with some trepidation that Sand eyed the object of Sunburst 's current ministrations -- at least until the stream of wooden shrapnel thrown about by the carpentry frenzy forced her to turn away.
Crunch Thwack Wrrrr Whap Bzzzz ...
"I don 't think woodwork is supposed to produce so much sawdust. You might want to slow down a little." Sand shouted over the din, a foreleg shielding her face.
"Nonsense! Can 't fix a cart without chippin ' a few planks!"
Sunburst giggled at her own quip, and the two friends lapsed into a companionable silence -- bar, of course, the ear-splitting racket that continued to fill the…

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