Bridgewater Associates Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… He developed principles, as guideline for his staff. According to feedback by former employees and current, they would describe working for Dalio, as “It’s either a cult with mind control or the happiest place on earth depending on whether you buy into it. “Loyalist within the firm were passionate about the system and about Dalio. “The intention is to make people better,” said one long time employee, “ I have never seen a CEO spend as much time developing his as Ray” (Gardner, 2013). This is the type of culture he had created and he wanted to ensure remained even after his departure from Bridgewater. Dalio’s, desire was to provoke, and push people, whether it was his staff or the his clients, he wanted them to understand how reality worked and what that reality meant for the people, he worked with (Gardner, 2013). Although, the intention is to develop excellent leadership it does present a few …show more content…
Ray Dalio has created and developed an amazing culture for the future and for future leaders. If Bridgewater can maintain the culture from which is was founded, transitioning leadership and maintaining itself to be attractive to new and old talent, than it will continue to be successful in building “meaningful relationship and meaningful values”. Therefore, Bridgewater should be here well after Ray Dalio.


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