Bridges And The Construction Of Bridges Essay

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Bridges are defined as structures that connect two inaccessible plots of land (Newton). The construction of bridges is a complicated process. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration including design, uses, ability to withstand forces, budget, and aesthetic. There are many ways to classify bridges such as their use, materials, and if they are fixed or moveable, but the most useful classification is their structure (Newton). There are arch, beam, truss, suspension, and cantilever bridges each with varying designs. Bridges have been built since ancient times, but with new advancements, engineers and physicists have found new and stronger ways to construct bridges resulting in the various types and structures. Arch bridges are one the most popular type of bridge and can “be seen in every country in the world” (“Facts about Bridges”). They use an “arch as a main structural component.” (“Facts about Bridges”). These bridges transmit the dead and live forces, weight of bridge and traffic, along the curve of the arch. The curve ends in abutments which are “heavy supporting structures usually attached to bedrock and supporting bridge piers” (Newton). This makes arch bridges fixed and therefore able to withstand great forces exerted on the bridge. This makes the bridge “so stable that piers are generally unnecessary in an arch bridge” (Newton). During the Roman Empire, these bridges were very popular, and were constructed with stone and wood and many…

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