The House On Mango Street Rising Analysis

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The children 's novel “Bridge to Terabithia” by Katherine Patterson and “Esperanza Rising” by Pam Muñoz Ryan are distinctly different in the thematic perspective, yet they both have address some of the same topics. In “Bridge to Terabithia” and “Esperanza Rising” both address the topics of death and money but they develop differently thematically in each text. In “Bridge To Terabithia” unlike “Esperanza Rising”, the money issue stays the same rather than change, while in Esperanza rising, the money issue goes from “Riches to Rags”. Both texts have the topic of death but it is not the central topic in “Esperanza Rising” and due to it, the topic of death develops extremely different compared to “Bridge to Terabithia.” The text “Bridge To Terabithia” is about the friendship that grows between to friends Jesse …show more content…
“Esperanza Rising” is about a young girl named Esperanza who lives in Aguascalientes, Mexico. She is an only child and is from a wealthy family. Her father is a very wealthy landowner. She is basically the princess of the house and has everything she could ever want. While things have gone swell for her the whole time in 1930 things start to go down hill. Bandits capture and kill Papa while he is working on the outskirts of the land. It is a tragic event for Esperanza and her family. With the death of her father the topic of death develops into a theme that the death of a parent or close family member doesn’t mean forgetting them forever but remember all the things they’ve taught you and keeping them alive in you. In “Esperanza Rising” Esperanza remembers all her father taught her about the land and how to listen to it and to have patience, “Wait a little and the fruit will fall into your hand. You must be patient, Esperanza.” (Ryan 2) After his death Esperanza kept Papas memory alive by remember all the good things and what he taught

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