Brian Has Suffered From Schizophrenia And Bi Polar Disorder Essays

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Brian has suffered from schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder; both are forms of mental illness. He has been struggling with it, since he was 14 years old, and sought treatment from a counselor since he was 17. He has always struggled with hearing voices whom he said were a higher power than him, and he had to obey them. He also suffered from hallucinations and had a history of violence. Brian, now twenty-one years old, has always admired his neighbor. They often discussed subjects that they had in common. One night this all changed; Brian tortured and killed his neighbor. He planned the murder out and went through with it. Later, he told prosecutors that the voices in his head told him everything he had to do and that if he didn’t do it, there would be consequences; he believed them. It was also later revealed that four weeks leading up to the murder, Brian discussed his plan with his counselor. His defense attorney, said that this was Brian’s way of reaching out for help. However, his counselor did nothing about it. She did not seek further treatment and did not notify anyone else of Brian’s plan.
While this is a fictional story, this is the reality for many mentally ill criminals facing serious charges. They have an illness that can disrupt their thinking, alter their feelings, and cause them to make choices that most members of society would not make (“Mental” [1]). What’s even more concerning is our government and states are still executing criminals with mental…

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