UK Post Brexit

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Q: The UK has voted to leave the EU - a process that has come to be known as Brexit. In your opinion, what is likely to happen next? Remember your opinion, no copying and pasting from internet or magazines. We use Turnitin. Just read about this topic and express your opinion. How much?? Well, if you want an A (or 25 pts), I need something to read... don 't you think?
I feel that the UK post “Brexit” (leaving of the EU) is going to be a very rocky road to say the least. Personally, I agree with the outcome of the vote that leaving was the correct choice as they will likely benefit from the billions of pound sterling not being spent on the EU’s budget, but will be better able to direct these funds to the concerns of its citizens. I also feel that in time, the UK “should” (I say should because the world is a crazy place and in these times there are no longer guarantees of safety) be able to further secure its borders, specifically from the migrant and refugees that are constantly flooding into the UK with pressure from the EU.
Part of the problem regarding the uncertainty of the Brexit is just that, confusion. There was no real plan for what comes next. Yes, “Article 50” tries to make it sound like there are procedures in place for what should happen
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However, I still think it’s possible to come to an amicable conclusion of their EU status, but what the UK or even the EU will look like once the dust settles is anybody’s guess. Ideally this economic crisis will be short-lived and the global economy should rebound in time. Unfortunately this is the beginning of a major global economic downturn. It is without question the “Brexit” is bad for global businesses around the world, and adds massive amounts of uncertainty to foreign markets, but ideally both sides can be somewhat accommodating, and end their EU status

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