Brewster Case Study - Mhr405 Essay

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The purposes of this case study are (1) to list outward manifestation that indicate that organizational results could be improved and (2) explain leadership theory, organization behavior theory, and all the personal and structural sources of conflict evident at the Brewster-Seaview Landscaping Company.
Team Reality has conducted research to identify all the problems in the Brewster-Seaview Company. Throughout analyzing this case study, we were able to actively apply the organizational behaviour concepts. This has broadened our understanding and allowed a practical approach as to how organizational behaviour is relevant in the business world.
There are many organizational performance and employee motivation terms that
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Joe’s managerial behaviors are excellent examples as to how participative leadership should be carried out within a company. As Gary illustrated in the case, Joe allowed ample flexibility with respect to who would complete what daily tasks, as well as how they would manage their own time. Workers were also able to utilize their own methods and techniques, as their own contribution to the business. Involving subordinates in decision-making process proves to be a great asset to the firm, as we will soon discuss. On the contrary, the following summer when Gary returned, Brewster-Seaview’s leadership dynamic altered with the introduction of the new supervisors. Through examining the differences in management, it can be concluded that the new supervisors demonstrated characteristics more similar to directive leadership. This can be construed as being “task-oriented,” (McShane 335). Enforcing each member’s role in company and specifying their respective duties can be affiliated with this leadership style. Throughout the second part of the case, it is made evident that the new supervisors prefer tasks completed in a certain way. As Gary describes, they make the schedules and constantly keep an eye over the workers to make sure everything gets done as per expected. Consistent with classic directive leadership traits, the new supervisors put much emphasis on structure.
Part B As we have previously discussed the

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