Text Messaging Affecting Teenagers Essay

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How does texting affect teenagers?
Texting can affect teenagers in many ways, but most teenagers don't see the negative ways that it affects them such as socializing effects, School work, being a tired teen, Grammar, Texting and behavior risk, sleeping problems, and driving accidents and etc. That are caused because teenagers are distracted texting about every aspect of their lives, it makes people wonder if teenagers can't put their phone down at all to do one simple thing.

1. How can texting effect Socializing effects?
Text messaging is affecting the ways teenager’s communicate with people, texting has become a long ways and it’s such an extreme that instead of having a face to face conversation they are just using single sentences and thoughts but they can also be uncomfortable talking to a person to their face but if there texting it is different because they don't have to see that person's face they are just looking at the keyboard but now days people just go back and forth texting when they are
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How can text messaging case a sleeping problem?
According to an essay that I read online on a website that was Named Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine “Texting doesn’t stop when a teenager hops into bed for a good night’s rest In fact many teenagers spend their nights on call which means waiting for messages to respond to threw out the whole night.” Every Time this happens it has interruptions happens during the whole night it has a negative effects on teenagers sleep and has a result in the classroom full of tired and exhausting teenagers which leads into the students falling asleep during class .

7. How can text messaging case Driving

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