Brent Field Essay

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1. Introduction

The Brent field is an oil field located in the East Shetland Basin. This oil field was the first discovery in the northern part of the North Sea. It is located 186 kilometres north-east of Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland at the water depth of 140 metres (460ft). (Figure 1)
The field lies entirely within United Kingdom (UK) licence Block 211/29 at latitude 61°N and longitude 2°E. The Brent field is one of the biggest hydrocarbon accumulations in the United Kingdom area. Additionally it has been a cornerstone of the UK’s hugely successful oil and gas industry. The field operated by Shell UK Limited and jointly owned by Royal Dutch Shell (50%) and ExxonMobil (50%), and is Shell's flagship asset on the UK Continental Shelf.
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Development history of Brent field

The main purpose in Brent field development plan involved dedicated crestal producers for the Statjford reservoir and also mid-oil column producers for the Brent reservoir. These both reservoirs were implemented by two injection, which are down-dip water injection and crestal gas injection. The gas injection is divided to attain an intermediate oil rim development in part of reservoir units. As a result, this development strategy combined with the highly stratified of both reservoirs give the evolution of various thin oil rims.

The field infrastructure of Brent field is utilized by four platforms. They have been installed between August 1975 and June 1978 with a total 154 wells. The first platform installed was the concrete-legged Condeep Brent Bravo in 1975, then continue with the Brent Delta, Brent Charlie and steel-jacketed Brent Alpha. Besides that, the fifth floating installation, Brent Spar, applied as a tanker loading buoy and storage. The platform still produces oil until 2004 through a manifold. The Brent spar became the best of the Brent installation in the oil industry. In 1991, the service is already removed out. Moreover, the field also included a remote flare called Brent Flare. The function of this Brent Flare is to flare off excess gas. This was done before gas handling and export facilities were set up in the field. However, in 2005 a heavy lifting barge was spread out to decommission and remove the Brent

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