Breathless Character Analysis

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In the book Breathless by Jessica Warman there is a very happy Family of four. Katie Kitrell, her older brother Will, and their mom and dad. They were poor the first but after their dad finished school and became a psychologist they made more money and moved into a beautiful house. Katie and Will came up with a nickname for their dad “The Ghost” because he is always working and never spends time or pays attention to them, so it’s as if he isn’t there. Katie and Will were very close, they were best friends and spent all day together. They loved to sit on the roof of the house and smoke either marijuana or cigarettes together when their parents weren’t home so they didn’t get caught. Will was always having to be sent away from home and into a …show more content…
His suicide attempt was a fail, and he, once again, got sent to the hospital. Katies parents decided that it would be best for them to send her to a boarding school to protect her from her brother when he comes back because they think he is becoming too dangerous for Katie. Katie was excited to go to boarding school because she wanted to get away from “the ghost” and her mother, she wanted to get away from the constant worry about Will, and her mom always being depressed and drunk. When she arrived her roommate, who was also new to the school, wasn’t there yet.
Within her first few days she met some friends, they were the popular girls of school, Estella, and Lindsey. Estella tried out for the school swim team, she has always been the fastest swimmer on her team, and everyone was impressed by how fast she could swim. Her roommate Mazzie showed up a few weeks later than she was supposed to. Mazzie was a little snobby and rude to Katie, but she just let it slide. It took Katie and Mazzie a long time before they finally clicked. Mazzie was always by herself, didn’t talk to anyone, or hang out with anyone. Katie and Mazzie became close when Katie left class crying because a classmate was bringing up her brother

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