Essay Breastfeeding Of Public Nudity Laws

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Society have painted the image of the breasts as a sex symbol which represents attractiveness and the definition of a true woman. What happens when the ideal image of the breasts is suddenly shone by the act of a baby latching onto the nipples in public? Does the woman become less attractive or in violation of public nudity laws? Breastfeeding in public should be permissible for these various reasons. Breastfeeding in public is an act of natural and legal right given to women, breastfeeding in public also in general fosters the healthy growth of the baby along with the quick return of mothers to their pre-pregnancy weight and overall health and ultimately the process of breastfeeding also breaks social barriers which labels women as weak and incompetent.
Breastfeeding in public should be highly allowed in viewing because it is a form of natural right which is presented to women and protected by legislative ruling. According to the records of breastfeeding laws that were implemented in the institution, forty-six states of the United States of America including the Districts of Columbia and the Virgin Islands have specific regulations that protects the right of women to breastfeed in public and private areas (National Conference of State Legislature, 2014). The regulations concerning breastfeeding ensures that legal actions will be taken place if society condones women from an act of natural duty that comes within the contract of motherhood. During the first few months of…

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