Essay on Breastfeeding Is Better Than Formula Feeding

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Breastfeeding is Better Than Formula Feeding
Many parents debate whether to formula feed their child or breastfeed their child. Approximately 1-5% of mothers have to formula feed because they are unable to provide enough breast milk for their baby, and 2% cannot lactate or have other health problems that prevent them from being able to breastfeed (Sediles, 2015). This statistic indicates that approximately 95% of mothers have the ability to exclusively breastfeed their baby. Although infant formula is necessary for the 5% of women, mothers should try their best to breastfeed their child because of all of the benefits breast milk provides. Breastfeeding is better than formula feeding because formula just mimics some aspects breast milk, and breastfeeding has other advantages over formula feeding including cost and health benefits for mother and child.
Child’s Health
Digestive System Breastfeeding is more beneficial to a baby’s health than formula feeding. One way breastfeeding benefits a baby’s health is the way the fats in breast milk progress. The fat in breast milk starts as smaller molecules and slowly builds into larger molecules (Hamosh, Bitman, Wood, Hamosh, & Mehta, 1985). This progression allows babies to adjust to digesting the lipids in the breast milk slowly, and this training of the bowels allows the child to digest food later on in life. Breast milk also contains certain molecules that enhances the digestive system of a child.…

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