Breastfeeding Is An Integral And Necessary Part Of A Baby 's Life

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Many American mothers face a hardship that is, alone a breastfeeding mother’s issue. Breastfeeding in public areas is often regarded with a judging stare or an improper comment to “cover up”. Mothers are often shunned from areas of business for breastfeeding openly, and refusing to be downgraded to a bathroom. There are places that are inviting and accommodating to mothers, places that provide a designated “family” area or specific room for nursing or pumping, coincidentally these rooms are still hidden away from the public eye. There is also no doubt that there are certain benefits of breastfeeding, a reduced risk of SIDS, a decreased rate of several different chronic diseases, and it’s far more economical then formula tends to be. Therefore, it’s important that breastfeeding becomes more socially acceptable for mothers all around America. Breastfeeding is an integral and necessary part of the beginning of a baby’s life and needs to be brought more into public attention, pediatricians and doctor’s alike need to begin promoting breastfeeding for new mothers instead of endorsing formula companies.
Regrettably, mothers all around America are being relegated to bathrooms or tiny rooms away from the public eye to safely be able to simply breastfeed their infants. While some public areas are very supportive of mothers, there are other equally oppositional areas. In a recent personal experience, at the SouthCenter Mall in Tukwila, Washington, families are received quite…

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