Breastfeeding For Public Violence And Law Enforcement Essay

1718 Words Oct 29th, 2016 7 Pages
A current issue in the United States is that women are not allowed to openly breastfeed in public due to public humiliation and law enforcement. Women are getting arrested for doing something very natural, simply feeding their child. People who are against this action think it 's public nudity, and disturbing. It’s not until recently that is “issue” has been brought to the public’s eye. Even though breastfeeding has been around since mankind. Breastfeeding is completely natural and should be allowed in public. A woman who is feeding her child, and should not be restricted to where and when they cannot feed. Every human has basic pillars of needs, such as, love and nurturing. Therefore, breastfeeding is a way to nurture your child, but the public wants to take that away from the mother. Furthermore, breastfeeding can take place culturally and take a religious action. This topic isn’t just black and white there are a lot of gray areas around the law. There are many important benefits that go into breastfeeding such as, basic health needs and better nutrition. The mother 's milk is important due to antibodies and vitamin produced by the body that help the child for the next six months. Breast milk can prevent common virus and infections. Breast milk can help protect the baby from “ear infections, upper and lower respiratory ailments, allergies, intestinal disorders, colds, viruses, staph, strep and e coli infections, diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, many…

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