Essay on Breastfeeding And Returning For Work

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Breastfeeding and Returning to work

Breastfeeding is a very controversial topic in general, breastfeeding while working is just a small portion of this topic. There are things all woman should know when they are ready to return to work but are nervous about how they can continue to provide the essential nutrients that come from breastfeeding their child. There are certain laws that protect breastfeeding mothers who plan to return to work, that all woman should know before they make such a big decision. Many questions arise for woman who are trying to decide whether to breastfeed when they return to work or not to since woman get a lot of backlash from others in general about breastfeeding. So that could influence their decision. Some questions may be ones such as. Where and when will I pump while I am working throughout the day? Will my boss give me time? How can I keep my supply built up and how can I store it while working so that I don’t get behind? Will my childcare provider keep track of how much my child is eating and use the old breastmilk first? What will my co-workers think, and what benefits of breastfeeding when I return to work would my child get? If you’re worrying about your boss not allowing you the time to pump while you’re at work, you don’t have much to worry about. In the state of Vermont job places that have more than fifty employees and can spare the time for you to pump are required to give you enough time through-out your work day to pump for your…

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