Breastfeeding And Its Effects On The Mothers Essay

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It is amazing to see the pictures of mothers who are breastfeeding their babies. That fascinating images were created from the inspiration. Unfortunately, that image has faded in the minds of today 's women. In fact, only 15% of American women breastfeed their babies in a year, and this rate is the lowest in the world (Springen). Why? Is breastfeeding very uncomfortable? Breastfeeding has negative impact on the mothers? Is breast milk from mothers unhealthy to their infants? The answer is no - despite some exceptions. If women carefully examine the issue of breastfeeding, they will discover many benefits of breast milk; it is more valuable nutrition for infants, and it is not only beneficial for the babies but also for their mothers.
People may argue that breastfeeding has drawbacks because it can transmit the disease from mother to child. Therefore, women who are HIV positive or have hepatitis or herpes should not start breast-feeding before asking their doctors (Williams). Fortunately, the proportion of women with serious illnesses or some problem, and therefore, cannot breastfeed their infants is about 1% or less of the women.
Many famous formula milk companies, such as, Nestles, Ross, and Gerber, try to convince women to buy their products by any method they can think of. Their sales staff is in the hospital and dressed as a nurse, so they were called "milk nurses"; they teach the parents how to use their products easily and give away free samples. Besides,…

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