Breast Vs Formula Feeding : The Debate Continues Essay

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Breast v Formula feeding, the debate continues..

Choosing whether to breastfeed or formula feed your baby, is by far one of the biggest debates of all time! A topic that almost everyone will have an opinion on, and a decision that every new parent has to make. Naturally, a parent want’s their baby to be healthy, and would want to do anything possible to ensure good health. I am sure you have read the term ‘breast is best’ many times, along with all of the health benefits of breastfeeding- you do not however, hear as much about the benefits of formula feeding your child. Therefore many parents are probably unaware about the benefits, and whether formula milk has an impact towards their baby’s health or not. Are the health benefits of breastfeeding really as significantly higher as we are led to think? As not all the benefits are mentioned in the media (apart from those for breastfeeding) and it takes extensive research to find the benefits of formula feeding your baby, it is beneficial for parents to hear the for and against for both breastfeeding and formula feeding. Surely this will help parents to make a decision?

Breastfeeding is portrayed as the best way to feed your baby, and yes after researching there are a wide selection of benefits. Breast milk contains important factors that are required like; hormones, enzymes, growth factors, fatty acids and protective factors. It has been tested under a microscope and it shows that it is alive with…

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